Ross, Sunnyside, Mogol Sled Laps!

EE8CA1A7-7F9C-45F3-AABE-1C61F9BD8562May 14, 2019

Still raging sled laps in May!!! Lee, Karl, and I went out on a snowmobile mission and had great success!! The plan was to ski the East facing pinner couloir off Hurricane Peak, then come back up, and ski the West facing shot! After a nice n good scary sledneck moment on a steep icy slope we bailed and changed plans!! We were in Ross Basin so we cruised up to the Sunnyside Saddle and dropped into the Sunnyside Mine/Lake Emma zone! For the first lap we skied an East face in that Sunnyside area! For our second lap we bwapped back into Ross and skied the high Northeast face in there!! On the third lap we sent up lookers left of the Ross Basin/Sunnyside Saddle! That same hill climb of the first scary moment of the morning that was now softer!! Once we got up there we cruised the ridge and skied a South shot back down to Lake Emma! That was a sick line through some big rocks!! The last and fourth shot of the day we climbed back up Ross to that Northeast ridge and dropped down the backside onto the West face above the Mogol mine!! Four bangin sled laps! All lines none of us had ever skied before!! For each lap we would drop Lee up top as close to the line we could get, Karl and I would cruise down to the bottom of the line, leave a sled down there, Canadian back up, hike to the top of our line, and SEND!!! Super fun skiing big lines three man on two snowmobiles that way!! All the lines were in great corn!! We nailed it from 9AM-12PM skiing East to Northeast to South to West!! Great conditions!! Not your average San Juan corn farmers! HA! We are fast and efficient! We will take the top coulias and everyone else can have all the popcorn nugs!! ; ) FOR THE LOVE OF POW! COOOOOORN!!! SNOWBOARDING IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!! KOOSHCORN!

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