The 2019/2020 Season Has Begun!

E61EEAE1-BA7D-4CA6-B42E-F5614ED82DED.pngNovember 22, 2019

Let the season begin!!! Today was deeeeeeep! Lol got the feeling of POW! Went up into Velocity Basin and skied the lookers right side of the basin. Was up there with Syd, Hassell, and Jack Burke. We skinned in up the road! First day busting out the splitboard! We took one lap! It was definitely low coverage, but still floated on fresh POW! Did a quick compression test before dropping in just for fun to nerd out. 43cm SH, E facing, 11,700ft, CTE9, fail on few centimeters of facets at base. FACESHOTS!

Yesterday Molly and I shredded up on Molas Pass!! We just hit the East-Northeast facing rollers off the top of the pass parking lot. Storm still was putting in work so the coverage was slim! There was 25-30cm. Still found plenty of grass spots to shred some POW! Faceshots were had!! We took lots of photos and videos! Super fun time up there! Winter has begun!! Incredible being in the mountains surrounded by fresh snow!!

MULTI SPORT DAY! Mountain biked and snowboarded on Tuesday! Biked Engineer!!! Up Coal Bank and down Engineer Creek! Love that ride! Then boogied over to Velocity Basin to meet up with Syd and Hassell to sneak some POW laps in!! We took three laps on the new snow on the old snow from last year! HA! Stoke was high!! Snuck in another bike day before the storm!! And POW with friends after!!!! Ski Bum Life!!!!

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