Mennehaha is Deep and Sketch!

IMG_5686December 1, 2019

Investigation day up at Mennehaha! Karl, Marshell, Gaetano, Julien, and I went up there with sleds to see what was going on. Bubba’s first day in the backcountry!! Puppy shreddin! The snow was deeeep in the trees! We did some neckin, dug a pit, performed some tests, skied some deep POW, and did some more neckin!!!! Great day!! Stoked on winter! I have been getting in lots of early season days in the Silverton backcountry, Purg, and Wolf Creek! Going to be back on the daily ski and avalanche reports now that winter is back into full effect! Be safe out there! It is definitely weird coming from such a safe spring! WE ARE BACK TO THE DANGEROUS SAN JUAN SNOWPACK!!! BE SAFE PLEASE!!!

Avalanche Report

Skier triggered avalanche. North facing Mennehaha tree laps. At the bottom road at about 11,000ft. Triggered small slide at bottom of road on the side of the road. Propagated up the slope that was skied. The entire slope cracked, whumpfed very loud, and shifted down, but did not go. Natural West and North facing avalanches in Mennehaha Basin.

Pit Results: Mennehaha trees. North facing. 11,875ft. SH 96cm. Weak facet layer at 30cm from ground. Weak wind layer at 55cm from ground. ECT10 SP Q1 at 30cm from ground.

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