Low Angled Sled Laps in Menne!!

7CA6ABC8-61A7-41CE-9155-58363E3B8472December 3, 2019

Molly, Karl, Marshell, and I went up to Mennehaha Basin!! We took sled laps in the lookers right side of the basin on the other side of the sub peak that separates the basin!! It was so much fun!! Molly’s first sled day!! First time snowmobiling! She killed it! Another beautiful POW day in Silverton!! We all took lots of laps! And we all were taking photos and filming each other! We brought our camera and Molly brought hers!! Out there gettin it! Practicing with the cameras as much as powsibile! For lunch we got up on the drop in point on the ridge, ate roast beef sammys, and smoked a J!! I went down and did some neckin in the basin too! Got a sick high mark on the South face of Bonita! Also got my smallest circle on a donut with the sled! Full throttle turning her on her side!! Neckers gunn neck!! Showed Molly the Respect Hut and got in some two man neckin in the basin!! Another perfect day in the backcountry!! For the love of POW!

Snow Report

Mennehaha Basin. No new snow. Partly sunny about 30-35F depending on if sun was shining. Calm wind.  Low angled West-Northwest facing snow was skiing great! Had a loaded NW slope wumpf on me while bootpacking above treeline. Did not see any new avalanches.

I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!! Colorado Avalanche Information Center is a great resource: https://avalanche.state.co.us/

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