San Juan Highway Builders

102A2825-14A9-47ED-9A7F-4D7C3782E35EDecember 6 & 7, 2019

I have been getting so much better at having a sled mission, going into the mountains, and successfully following through on the plan!! Marshell and I went up into Mennehaha Basin and recycled the sled highway that Sydney and I put in yesterday! (Reused the same snowmobile track from the day before) We killed it! Syd and I went up in there yesterday and took fat laps for a beautiful bluebird POW day! We got up in there and took a small lap in the basin. After that went well, Syd chilled at the bottom of the basin while I went up and down a few times to create a nice highway for us to sled ski!!! San Juan Highway Builders!! The road was set and we slayed!!! Awesome day!! Then Marshell and I came back to get the rest of the goods!! There was plenty of POW to be had still and the highway was there so we headed back up with the camera! We spent the first couple hours window shopping waiting for the sun to give light on our run!! Then it finally went blue and we rallied haaaaard!! I took eight laps and Marshell took six! We got some dope footy!! Super playful zone with wind features and rocks to play around!! The drop in was at 12,450ft and it was a little over a 550ft ski on a big open face!! So much fun!!! So much less of a struggle to make these days happen!! Really figuring the snowmobile out!! I’ll take her anywhere I want!! NECKERS GUNNA NECK!!

Snow Report

Mennehaha Basin. About 10-15cm of new snow from last storm. SH 117cm. Sunny about 40F on Friday. Partly cloudy about 35F today, Saturday. Calm winds. West to Northwest low angled snow in basin skiing very nice. Coverage is getting better. I did not see any new slides today. Yesterday there were some small loose wet slides on West faces above treeline from the day before. Surface hoar up to near treeline.

Pit Result: Mennehaha Tree Laps. North facing. 11,900ft. SH 115cm. Weak facet layer at 25cm. ECTP16 SP Q1 at 25cm from ground. I did not have to pull at the column to see shear quality. The entire snowpack above the weak layer broke away on the 16th hit with no effort. SCARY!

I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!! Colorado Avalanche Information Center is a great resource:

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