Hurricork Sled Laps!!

January 14, 2020

Low angled POW with wind features, cliffs, mini tubes, friends, and koosh!! Went up Hurricane Pass on the snowmobiles to where it was impassable. The road was just gone from wind blown snow all built up on top of it. Went up in there with Karl, Marshell, Syd, and Karl on three sleds. We started off skiing the East facing shots off Hurricane Pass down to the Mogul Mine. Then went up a bit higher to the impassable spot and skied the South facing slope down to the mine!! Those were sick 11,900ft to 11,260ft lines!!! Lapped the shit out of that face! I got some really cool tubes through cliffs, shredding on top of cliffs entering into a little mini couloir, and sending mas cliffs into beautiful POW gullys!! Marshell and I got a lot of really incredible drone footage of the day too!! Getting better at flying the drone and filming!!! WE ARE GUNNA MAKE A MOVIE!!!!!!!

Snow Report

About 15cm new snow. Sunny. About 0C. Fresh turns all day. No moving snow. Small wet point releases from rocks on E-S-W later in day. Everything skied really great on low angled snow. Will likely be crusty on those East and South slopes. Wind came in strong from West at end of day.

I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!! Colorado Avalanche Information Center is a great resource:

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