Snow Cat at Wolf Creek!

2BEBD542-3D2E-4136-8CF9-635B91D1F827January 23, 2020

Free cat day at Wolf Creek!!! Molly, Kaitlin, and I went to Wolfie for a surprisingly fun five inch POW day!! Molly and I skied Purgatory two days ago! Then the two of us went to Pagosa Springs and soaked at the hot springs for the day, went to Riff Raff Brewing, and stay at the hotel there!! Perfect rest day! We woke up the next day, met up with Kaitlin, and headed up Wolf Creek Pass! Nobody was there! We got all the favorite runs! Really cool to show Kaitlin around Wolfie. We hiked Knife Ridge and got a free snow cat laps to Horse Shoe Bowl!! Molly dropped first tracks center punch into 5in of POW!!!!!! At 2PM!! Crazy!!! Resort to ourselves! MEOW POW!!!0EFA6F8C-CE91-4D81-8F3F-2208F7C759B9

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