Monarch Pass Snow Stake!

February 10, 2020

And the storm clears again for a bluebird POW day!! It stormed a bit overnight and super hard in the morning. We got about five inches in a few hours! Started the day hiking in the storm! Marshell, Chris, Devon, Steve, and I headed up Monarch Pass just shy of the summit at “Snow Stake Gulch”. Such easy access backcountry laps! Definitely recommend! We took our first lap on the lookers left face in the trees so we could see and get some cool POW shots! Then the sun came out!! We headed up for another one!! On that one we could stay more on the face, see where we were skiing, and see each other! Knit picked our way down on that one trying to get some cool photos! Success!! When we got down to the bottom it was way too beautiful out to not go up for another! So we threw our skins on and headed back up! This time we skied the lookers right face across from the one we were skiing! The sun was hitting this low angled untouched small bowl into the gully and we could not resist!!! No cameras! Just the friends and new friends shredding! What a weekend with the Bishop crew!! I had a really great time up there with those guys and am very thankful for everything they did!! Turns out tele skiers can be really cool…. HA! Just kidding, deep down, I love tele skiers! But unfortunately, nobody cares!!!!!!! Muahahahah!!! Off to Telluride for a Zac Deputy concert! Party party party!! Ski ski ski!!!!!!! PARTY MOBBIN!! SOUL SHREDDIN!!!!!!!!!

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