Wolf Creek Local POW Day!

February 12, 2020

Woooo Creek local’s day!!!! Molly and I went to Wolf Creek Ski Area for a $51 lift ticket for local’s appreciation day!! THANK YOU! They got about nine inches to a foot a couple days before and we had no problem finding that!! We skied fresh POW all day! So easy to find the untouched there! Especially when you are the best skier on the mountain! 😉 Started the day with a hike-to on “Exhibition”. Then headed over to Alberta lift! Got waterfall gate 3, tree rope lines 7, 9, 10, 11, an Alberta Ridge hike-to, and a Knife Ridge hike-to!!! Molly sent her first cliff!!!! YEEEEEEW!! We accidentally skied into the tree rope 7 shot looking for 9 and it is a mandatory cliff zone! Whoops… I skied down on top of the cliffs and it was straight POWWWWWW below. Told Molly to ski down to me and come check it out. She had a techy bail out option, but did not take that, and sent the cliff!!!! It was a big cliff for anyone’s first cliff!! At least a ten footer! Bigger than my first cliff for sure! She did not stomp it, but totally committed, actually jumped off in control, landed back seat, and hip checked!! So cool to see!! She was so scared before and so incredibly stoked after!!!!! Really humble reminder to see what it is like to first start jumping off of things! So stoked for her! I told myself I was not going to jump at all today because the shoulder, but I could not resist that cliff and sent it after her!! No fall rule for me!! Also got redemption on a cliff off of Knife Ridge that I wrecked on last time I went for it! Sometimes the mountains win, sometime you win!!! Perfect day at Wolf Creek! So glad we went! Love skiing with Molly! Stoke levels are always so high!!! Time to get a crazy deep POW day with her! Going to take some days off to let the shoulder heal… Off to Alaska in a week n few days!! PRAY TO DAS SNOW GODS!!

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