Cat Skiing at Monarch Mountain!

February 9, 2020

MEOOOOOOOOOW POW!! Free day of cat skiing!!!! FREE!!! FREE! FREE! A ski bum’s dream!! HA! Went catskiing with the Bishop Binding team. It was Marshell, Chris, Devon, Steve, Ben, Dillia, Kate, two guides, and I! Such a good day! It was supposed to storm, but it never really came in and it just ended up being a gray day!! We still got hella shots!! Most lines Chris, Ben, and I would go below to shoot! On some of them I sent! One of the lines I watched Devon huck off a pillow to gap some trees to a clean landing!! Felt like I was out there with a bunch of pros and if I am a “pro” then I should huck too!! It was pretty big!! I tomahawked haaaaard!! Straight rag dolled!! HA! Still sent it! Tommy for da boyz!! That hurt the shoulder a bit and I told myself I would not send the rest of the day, but could not resist some other cliffs!!! Just had to stomp everything else the rest of the day!! We had a killer time!! Got lots of really good shots! Headed down the mountain from there to the Air BnB those guys had, smashed dinner and dessert, and edited videos!!! Perfect day!! Living the dream!! Catskiing and filming!!! For FREE!! Yeeeeeea! I actually traded my videographer and editing skills to get on the cat!! First “gig”?! Count it!!! I have no problem filming some goofy teleskiers do their free heel thing to get into a snow cat!!! For the love of POW! Much love guys!! Thanks Bishop Bindings!! NOBODY CARES YOU TELE!!!! MEOW MEOW MEOOWWWWWWWW!

Monarch Mountain Telefestivus!

February 8, 2020

Ski bum travel life in full affect!! Got back to Colorado a couple days ago and headed up to Monarch Mountain for the weekend!! Marshell and I came up for the telemark ski festival at the resort and to film/photo shoot in the cat and backcountry with his binding team, Bishop Bindings. Telefestivus for the Rest of Us! It was a fun day at the resort!! There was some fresh POW left over from the 7in that fell the day before!! No complaints for a free lift ticket!!! OUTNUMBERED BY TELESKIERS!!! AHHHH!


February 3 and 4, 2020

POW MOW!!!! At the flat, no fun, wet, ski area….. Shredded the shit out of Powder Mountain with Steve, Danny, Jesse, and Marshell!! The first day was nuuuuuking!! Snowing so hard! Very wind, cold, and low visibility!! Crazy day!! We got in the snow cat for a couple laps up Lightning Ridge as well!! Then we woke up the next morning and the storm had cleared!! Bluebird POW day!!! It was crazy deep!!! Anywhere from thigh to nipple deep!!!!! INSANE!!! SO DEEEEEP! We hiked Lightning Ridge three times in the morning lapping the cat dropping fresh tracks into the face!! Incredible couple days!!! Incredible POW days!!! If you have any questions on good skiing here or where to go contact me and I will be happy to share! MEOW POW! POW COW! POW MOW!!