What is a Ski Bum’s Philosophy?

Sunset Thompson PassWhat’s up! My name is Eddie. I am proud to say that I am a ski bum! For the past few years of my life I have fully committed everything I do to snowboarding and traveling! In the winter I travel in my school bus chasing snow storms! In the summer I travel in my school bus adventuring mountains, beaches, and going to concerts! This website, SkiBumPhilosophy.com, is for sharing all my travels with everyone else! During the 2016/2017 winter season, I stated a journal that I would write in after everyday of snowboarding. I would write about the day of snowboarding, my thoughts, where I was, what I was doing, and what was next. When I am driving countless hours on the road talking to my travel buddy, Marshell, I get deep into conversation about somewhat very personal thoughts and he has been telling me for a couple years now I need to write a book called “A Ski Bum’s Philosophy”. So that is where this website came into my life. Instead of a book, I created this website. I am going to use it to write about each day snowboarding with talk about the tour, my day, snow, conditions, pictures, videos, and my thoughts. In the summers I will write about where I am traveling, what to do in towns I visit, mountain biking, surfing, beaches, concerts, bus/RV/van/car road life tips, and all the other adventures that summer provides! You will also get to go beyond snowboarding and hear about the way I think, my beliefs, my travels, partying, girls, music, weed, love, maybe politics, the world, work, friends, family, etc…. You might ask, what is a ski bum? One day I will write a full post about ski bums, but for now I would say that a ski bum is someone who dedicates their life to skiing or snowboarding and lives as minimalistic as possible to ski as much as possible. Priority number one = SKI! So yea, with me being a ski bum writing about my life, snowboarding, and living in a converted school bus, this website is “A Ski Bum’s Philosophy”. Through this website, people will have the opportunity to be reading an outdoor journal and a personal journal smashed together. There will be lots of useful information and beta on snowboarding/skiing, outdoor sports, and traveling throughout the States, Canada, Alaska, and the rest of the world. I hope by allowing anyone to follow my adventures and thoughts that I bring inspiration to people all around the world and motivate them to follow their dreams! Enjoy the adventures! POWWWWWW

5 thoughts on “What is a Ski Bum’s Philosophy?

  1. Cathy Degitis

    This is incredible Eddie, it’s like a book I can’t put down!! Keep up doing what your doing and living the life you love!! Love you soooo much, Mom❤️


  2. Cheri McMahon

    Hi Eddie, you should write a book! Maybe that’s what you were meant to add to your journey… the journey in writing! I am incredibly proud of you for following your dreams, passions and desires. Go for it Eddie dude! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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