Day Ten in Japan! Touring Out Further

IMG_20180113_223208I am very sleepy right now. This one is going to be short. Taking the time to write about my day after work each night is somewhat hard. I need to catch up on some sleep tonight. Suppose to be bluebird tomorrow!! So today was another incredible day in Japan. Lee, Matt, four Italians, and I went for a big tour. We toured out to an area called Evil Twin. No idea where it was…. Visibility was extremely low today. The hike was cold and windy. Made it over to our line. I could not feel my fingers. Matty and his crew dropped into one of the gully shots. Lee and I kept hiking up and got onto a steeper ridge. We did not want to all ski the same line together seven deep. Our line was sick! I was a little intimidated today because of the low visibility. It is tough to ski confidently on gnarly terrain when you cant see shit and have never skied it before. Still shredded it! Had a great time! The snow was deep!!!! Eventually I dropped off the ridge into a gully shot and Lee stayed up on top of it. Lots of sloughing in the gully. Maaaaad faceshots and white room! All seven of us linked up at the bottom. Slammed some water and ate banana chips and sausage. We put our skins on and began our hike up a different face to ski back down towards the end of the Hakuba valley. Lee, Matt, and I had perviously dropped Matt’s truck at the bottom in the morning so we could shuttle back to the parking lot of the resort. All seven of us party mobbed a tree run back down into the valley. We ended coming out at this old temple and cemetery that looked abandoned. It was super cool! The cultural experiences here have been surreal. The Italians and I roamed around the grounds of the temple while Lee and Matt went and got the car. Super cool area! Lots of history! And there was this giant gong bell-like thing that was so loud when you rang it! The sound went forever! We probably woke some spirits or something… We all went to lunch afterwards. I got a seafood set!! So dank! Some sort of white fish and shrimp! Yummmmmm! Exhausted already at this point and still had to go to work, which was pretty busy tonight. Back at the POW Lodge now and about to hit the hay. Snow was great! POW is the best!!!!!!!!! Goodnight : )



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