Santa Barbara Surf, Bike, and Isla Vista UCSB Party!

IMG_1209Knowing nothing about this town, I came to Santa Barbara because my favorite band, Rebelution, is from here! It did not take us long to figure out the town and feel like locals! Another beautiful California coast town with beaches and mountains! So hard to leave! I went surfing, mountain biking, chilled at beaches, longboarding, and partied for graduation weekend at UCSB! The bus parking, RV parking, in Santa Barbara was tough. Another beach town very against oversized vehicles overnight parking. After an evening of lots of driving around we got it figured out for our long stay! The first night we stayed at the rest area just North outside of town. Super chill! The first day we went into downtown Santa Barbara and walked around. There is a giant outlet mall through downtown that is cool to check out! Beautiful brick pathways, shops, and restaurants. We went to 805 Boba Tea Shop! Later that evening we went to Leadbetter Beach and paid $4.00 to park for an hour. While we were there we walked down the beach and scoped the surf. The waves looked super chill for learning on and decided we would come back tomorrow! That night we parked South of town in Montecito off the Santa Claus Ln exit on the 101 near the Jehovah Witness building. It was chill for the night, but I feel like it is a one night and done kind of a spot. Down the street is a Chevron for bathroom use. Before posting up in that spot we tried going up to Los Padres National Forest at Toro Canyon Park and stay there, but it closes at night, so no deal there. Looked like a cool park though! The next morning I woke up early and headed over to Leadbetter Beach. It is $24.00 for a full day to park an RV there. Kevin and I explored the coast on longboard and roller blades. He was on blades and I was on board. There is a bike path along the beach that makes for a beautiful ride. Along the path is the Sterns Wharf. It is the Santa Barbara pier. On the pier there are shops, restaurants, and fishing! We saw a kid catch a giant batfish!! Also while longboarding we stopped at an art fair and checked out all the arts and crafts that people were showing! After cruising the coast, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening surfing at Leadbetter Beach! It was sick! I finally really started to get it down! I became one with the board!! Such a fantastic day in Santa Barbara!! Leadbetter Beach is a fantastic beginners beach for surfing! That night we found a super dope spot to sleep. It is North of Santa Barbara in Carpinteria. This is great RV parking in Santa Barbara area! It was off of the Casitas Pass Rd exit on 101. Take Casitas Pass Rd to the East down the road to HWY 192. Near that intersection there are plenty of spots along side the 192 to sleep! So chill! Well worth the drive from Santa Barbara for a comfortable place to sleep. Down the street is an Albertsons, Starbucks, Post Office, Motel 6 for ice, and Tyler’s Donut Shop!! Perfect area for bus life RV life!! The next morning we woke up and went to Rincon Beach for the day! Rincon is a classic surf spot along the coast! There was free parking too! No spots for an RV, but there was enough space to take up a couple spots with the bus. The beach was super chill! Surf beach for sure! There was a surf shack right when you got down to the beach!! So cool! Reminded me of a hut in the mountains! The surf there was hella good! Not too big, but not too small! Perfect for just starting to really feel the surf game! I had a blast there! We spent the entire day there and rolled out just before nine when it closed. Rincon Beach is a fantastic surf spot in the Santa Barbara area! The sleep spot on 192 is super close to Rincon as well so that is very convenient! Once again we stayed on the dirt pull offs on the side of the road on HWY 192! Such a good RV spot! The next day we headed towards University of California Santa Barbara. We tried going to Campus Point Beach first, but got turned down by a closed road and ended up at Goleta State Beach. We stayed there for an hour or two, made some lunch, and walked down the pier to the end! After chilling there we drove over to Sands Beach, but the directions that Maps gave us on our phones failed us. Since we were having some beach fails we figured lets drive into Isla Vista and check out the college town! We found a super dope spot to park the bus on Del Playa Rd along side the ocean! As soon as we parked up we were super stoked having the realization we were in a sick party college town! To top it off we were down the block from the entrance to Sands Beach! Everything fell into place so koosh in Isla Vista! We posted up in that spot for two nights! Most the houses surrounding were college kids. Nobody cared! Amazing RV parking spot in Isla Vista. SevenEleven, Spudnuts Donuts, and campus down the street for bathrooms. We partied while in Isla Vista! Such a blast! Turns out we hit it perfect timing for UCSB finals week and graduation weekend! Good bars to hit that were poppin are Dublins and Study Hall! Lots of college kids! Only downside is they close at midnight. Some other good food and drink spots were Woodstocks Pizza, PizzaMyHeart, and Sam’s Sandwiches. On Thursday nights there are six-dollar party buses to downtown Santa Barbara for college night! That is the thing to do Thursday night! Some other good food spots in Isla Vista are SushiYa and Freebirds. Our last night in Isla Vista we parked on Camino Majorca! It is also right next to the Sands Beach entrance. Overall for RV parking in the Santa Barbara area, I think Isla Vista is the spot! On our last day in Santa Barbara I went mountain biking on the Jesusita Trail! We tried going to El Capitan State Beach and Gaviota State Beach, but both you had to pay to park and there were no spots near by. Oh well, mountain biking was a super gnarly trail! Fucking awesome! The Jesusita Trail is about a three and a half to four mile climb up to turn back around and bomb down. It is a techy climb with lots of rocks and switchbacks up to Inspiration Point. I had to hike a bike multiple times, but it is well worth it!! At the top at Inspiration Point you get a beautiful view of all of Santa Barbara and the ocean! Incredible! And then the best part! You get to send it down all the technical, sketchy, gnargnar rocks and switchbacks!!! Hella fun!!!!!!!! Very technical in spots! Perfect way to send off from Santa Barbara! That town treated us so well! I could definitely kick it there for much longer! It feels like we did so much while we were there and I know it was just a smidge of all the possibilities! Thank you Rebelution for the inspiration! SO MANY DONUTS, SO LITTLE TIME!







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