Sled Laps For Da Boys!!!!

December 17, 2018

Marshell, Matt Hassell, and I ripped snowmobile laps at Mennehaha near Silverton, CO!! It was Hassell’s first day taking sled laps!!! It was a perfect day in the mountains! We slayed it! Three man on my sled. One person sitting on seat and one person standing on each side. Hassell and Marshell took five laps and I got six in!!! The snow was POW!! North facing trees. This spot is so heavily skied by people it gets very tracked out and helps with slab avalanche problems. We also spend so much time here, we are so on top of the snow pack, and know what is going on with this specific area!!! Last time I was up here about a week ago our pit results were ECTP4SP at 44cm down with a snow height of 86cm. It was a Northeast facing slope, right at tree line 11,600ft or so. Normally I would not ski a test result like that, but this zone get so so so tracked up. It snowed another 15-30cm during the week and all that had been super tracked up there today as well. We found POW though!!! A perk of skiing here all the time!!! We know where to find the fresh tracks when it has been hella tracked!!! POW stashes! We filmed a bunch too!! Great to have a crew out there that was down to shred hard and film!!! We did great!! Did not really feel like filming got in the way of shredding! Super fun day out there! Also Matt’s first time visiting the Respect Hut for lunch!! He is hooked on the ski bum life!!!! Marshell and I are chillin in the bus down below Menne on Cement Creek Road. Just ate spinach, yellow squash, zucchini, and bean fettuccine with a six cheese red sauce!! High class ski bum life here in das POW BUS! Ski Bum Tip: Avalanche slide paths have a bunch of downed dead trees in them for firewood for the wood-burning stove! Julien and Karl are showing up in the morning! Not sure what we are getting into!!! Today was a perfect sled lap day with lots of fresh powder!!! Time to burn some koosh and pass out! POWWWWWW

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