Pillow Hunting

img_3320January 13, 2019

Went up to Coal Creek and Deer Creek with Kit, Caitlin, and Mandy! Parked at the top of Coal Bank and started our skin!! We spent most the day out there! Really good time! Hiked up Coal Creek and dropped into that! Sent a cliff right off the bat! Did not even take a turn to start the day, just straight off the cliff! HA! Tomahawked for sure! POW! So many pillows in there! We got down to the road and threw the skins back on to head up Deer Creek. We climbed up that a bit of a different way! Got to the ridge and had some lunch. We then dropped the North side!! I have never skied up there! Super cool! Kind of reminded me of Stevens Pass! With like five times less snow… But still super sick! PILLOWS! We hiked back up what we just skied. Got to the ridge and dropped into the South side back down to the Coal Creek turn around! Sick day out there! Three laps of some awesome POW!!! We stuck our thumb out for a hitchhike and grabbed the first car that came by!!! Ski community love!! Perfect day hiking and skiing around in the mountains!

Snow Report

Coal Creek and Deer Creek. About 5-8cm of new snow. North facing was awesome POW. South facing had the crust layer, but enough new snow to ski it soft and nicely. Lots of wumphing today. Mostly on South slopes. I think from the sun baking on it. Some of them were big wumphs that would lead to cracks or the whole slope collapsing. In all the spots it would happen there was not enough of a slope for it to go, but the mountains were very talkative today. Had some North facing wumphs too. Two of the wumphs, one south and one north, were large. They would make the snow fall off the trees and the snow would collapse. On and off snow all day. The sun was kind of peeking through around noon or so till we left around 3:30PM. Still scary snowpack, still lots of fun skiing low angle POW!

I just started putting snow reports at the bottom of the days post. I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!!!!!img_3318img_3304


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