Full Days in Silverton!

January 19, 2019

Playing in the San Juans! Mad snow here! Started the day trying to go heli skiing at Silverton Mountain with Paul Prax, but they were sold out and he could not sneak me in. So I went back over to the bus and as Marshell weas getting ready to go Colin and his friend came down. Then Jack came down and offered all of us a ride up!!! He gave all four of us a ride into Mennehaha Basin! Then we all hiked up. I booted they skinned. The first and second shot were not taken up there!! Could not believe it! Tracks follow tracks!! So goooooooood!! I think it was the deepest Mennehaha POW I have ever skied! Totally blank canvas with pillows and snow in spots I have never scene!! We skied all the way down to the bus, then Colin and I jumped in his whip to go up Red. The pass was closed so we turned back up Cement Creek. When we showed back up all the crew was making a side hip jump on the snow bank then a jump over Marshell’s buried car!!!!! Super rowdy! Pulled in on snowmobile into the jumps! Colin and I hiked up the mine shaft and equipment and skied down that a few times! I tried skiing it like a pillow line, but it did not work out. They were too flat and when I sent it off the fourth one I came to a standing stop when I landed! Funny as hell!!! Hiked up that a bunch of times sending little hits off the sides. Then when everybody left Marshell drove Colin’s car pulling Colin and I while we held onto the bike rack riding our snowboards!!!! He drove us up to the top of the road and we would snowboard down hitting the snow banks like a quarter pipe taking hit after hit!! So funny! So much fun!!! Then when we would get to the bottom we would grab back on to the bike rack for another lap!!! Once the sun went down we finally got Marshell’s car out of the snow, Karl showed up with my snowmobile, we smoked koosh, and ate some dinner! Maaaaaad thanks to Karl for driving my sled up! And once you think the day was over……. We went to Kendall Mountain for some night skiing!! I did not make it in time to get on the lift, but still aweomse! I love Silverton! It is full on here!!! I had my snowboard boots on from 745AM to 10PM!!!!!!!! Living the life on Cement Creek!!!!!!!!

Snow Report

Mennehaha Basin area. No new snow. The storm tapered off yesterday evening. Well over two feet up high in all the untouched. I have never scene Mennehaha trees filled in like this. Loaded on North-Northeast. Very large natural avalanches on all aspects and elevations from the storm. The trees skied great, but I would be very scared to go elsewhere. Whomphing and cracking on an East face at about 10,500ft. Bluebird Colorado Pow day! Winds calm down low, but was whipping up high on the ridges and peaks coming from the Northish.

I just started putting snow reports at the bottom of the days post. I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!!!!!

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