Cinco de Prospect!

A4EEBFF3-C099-404A-8E9F-EC56C6900BB5May 5, 2019

Cinco de Mayo!!! George, Nate, and I went up into Prospect Gulch! We snowmobiled up in from the bus and took sled laps on the North face up in there!! I have been wanting to sled lap the North peak of Prospect Gulch for a bit now and it finally worked!! It was so much fun! The morning was slow moving being down in Durango from the party the night before, but we still rallied at 7AM and boogied up to Silverton! We got out there around 11AM or so and got three laps in before the storm rolled in! We started off on the “Oh Canada” shot first! That was fun!! Aired the cornice into the line!! Instant hangover cure!! I LOVE SNOWBOARDING!! Then Nate dropped me at the very top, radioed me from below to guide me to where the cornice was smallest, and I sent it from the peak of Prospect Gulch!! It was an awesome line!! I think it was a little over a thousand feet vert, steep entrance, big send off a wind feature, and great snow!! HOT POW!! All of us skied that a couple times!! George was crushing it out there on the sled! This weekend was his first time of sled adventures! And we were getting after it! He did great!! Also had him take me to the top and drive back down by himself!! He was stoked!! Great to see people’s high on snowmobile laps for the first time! A lap from the car to ski that peak would be two n a half hours or so and we skied it three times!! A storm rolled in out of nowhere and we took off. Super awesome time shredding that face out there! Glad it finally worked! Perfect!! This weekend was a blast!! George came down and got a real good taste of Silverton, Durango, and the San Juans!! We could not have done this weekend any better!! SMASH LIFE!31BCF071-F121-40F6-B3A7-E513D934835B

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