POW at Purgatory!

December 28, 2018

Purgatory faceshots!!!!! Went up to Purgatory Ski Resort today with Kevin, Julien, and Jack! Woke up in Durango to around a half foot on the ground and dumping! Chain law was in effect for Coal Bank and Molas so it was not a good day to take the bus up to Silverton and be back in time for work at 3… So Purg laps it was!! Usually I am all bummed out to be at a resort on a day like this, but after the first couple laps I was stoked!!! POWWWWW! We headed straight over to lift 3! Ran into Alex and Orion at the bottom so we took a lap with them. We skied Snag first! POW! It was super fun, a little low coverage, and a traverse out, but for the love of POW! The next lap we hit Dead Spike! It was POWWWWWW! The center was getting tracked, but the rest of the run was POW! Lots of totally untouched POW!!! We lapped that run a few times!! Went over to lift 8 to check it out for the first time of the season. It sucked…. Too many people and way too tracked out. So we went straight back to lift 3 and hit some more Dead Spike POW!!! Lots of untouched at Purg today! Lift 3 was the best!!! Faceshots happened! Catching air happened! Going fast happened!! Best Purgatory day of the season so far! We ended the day by hitting the Powder House, on mountain bar/restaurant, up for some hot chocolate!!! Super fun day with the friends!!!! Satisfying resort day!!!! Just got off work! Headed up to Silverton tomorrow!!!!!!

Snow Report

The town of Durango got somewhere around 15cm of snow overnight and in the morning. Purgatory got 6cm overnight and 1 or 2 more during the day while we were there. Lots of new runs opened up! Dead Spike was the best POW, but got tracked hard. Snag still has POW lingering on the sides. Lift 8 was pretty tracked up and icy at the bottom, but they opened stuff up skiers left mid day that we missed and heard was decent. Lift 3 has best POW. They opened a lot of runs that have low coverage, but POW! Ski at your own risk. Some people not about it, but if you bust out that rock board you will ski hella POW at Purgatory!!! Have fun! Take faceshots!

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