Teton Pass Bottomless!!

A862419E-A67E-449B-88DC-845CFB9C7A35February 16, 2019

Hot tea, chocolate, and POWWWWW in the backcountry on Teton Pass! Halina, Marshell, and I shredded the pass today! It was one of those days we live for!! Absolutely prefect! So much snow!! Extremely fluffy! That floater POW you just stay on top of and cruise, but is still cold enough to be blower!!!! The way the warmth the past couple days made the base firm up and then a fresh new dump on top of it overnight…. So surfy!!! We started on the top of the pass! Hiked South for a bit, then skied down towards the base of Eidleweiss! Skinned up Eidlewiss, had some hot tea in a tree island up top, then dropped in and skied the backside of it!!! Then we hiked up Columbia Bowl! Had lunch up top and skied the main shot of the bowl!! Had some chocolate down low and hiked back up Columbia to rip it again! This time we hiked East on the ridge for a bit and dropped in right on the edge of the trees!!!! Set us up to exit better down the creek to the bottom of the pass on the Idaho side! We got a little more shredding in then split skied the rest of the way out along the creek! Incredibly beautiful!! So much snow along the creek and in the trees! We saw a baby moose and momma koosh!!!! We got to the road and hitch hiked back up to the top of the pass. Today was all time! What a day in the backcountry!! Blank canvases of deep untouched POW all day! Quite, sunny, and snowy!! Beautiful!!! Very grateful!!!! Finished off the day with a beer at the Stagecoach! We hitched up in the morning and parked the bus there so all three of us came down in Halina’s whip and grabbed a beer! Having an awesome time in Jackson!! The snow and the people have been amazing to us!!! Might kick it here till we have to leave to AK! POWWWWW

Snow Report

Teton Pass. 15-20cm new snow. Deep pow out there! The morning started off partly cloudy with some sun peaking out. Then by noon or so it started to snow again! Calm Southwest winds till the storm rolled back in, then probably about 20-30MPH. No signs of unstable snow. Did not see any naturals. Things felt good and firm! Did not ski anything too steep still. Things are lining up nicely, but stay super safe and take it conservative!

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