Grand Turk, Elevator Shaft, Gaper Day!

DSCN3867April 7, 2019

Pucker fest to Gaper day, today was incredible!! Lee and I skied off the top of Grand Turk Mountain and Sultan Mountain! The line we took off Turk does not usually go, but this year it does with all the snow!! Super steep and spicy line!! Lots of rock to work around!! That was a good “warm up” because then we climbed up Sultan Mountain and hit the Elevator Shaft off that!! We skied the skiers left shaft! Totally untouched!! That shit was steeeeeeep!! At least 60 degrees at the start zone! And you had to drop like a foot off the cornice to get in!! That line was intense!! Huge walls, tight, and super steep!! Once we got out of there I skied the Northwest shot out into the big open West face! Lee skied the ridge over to Spider Face!! Crazy day!! Technical day!! I have not been so scared while snowboarding in a while!! Had me thinking about some things! I have been successfully chasing and snowboarding POW all over the world for the past couple years and realized I have not been in technical terrain without deep POW in a long time! Was freaking out on my heel side turns! It has just been a while!! Either way, I had a blast!!!! To top off this wild day Lee, Jack, Pete, and I headed over to Gaper Day at Purgatory to see and shred with all the friends!! Felt great to be on a chairlift shredding Purgatory rollers after a day like this!! Super koosh to see all the friends again! Storm is rolling in! Time for some down days, while things reset!! Sled will be ready in the next day or two! Things are lining up to keep us going on this endless winter!!! POWWWW

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